hiding in the toilets – terrified and bemused, unaware of what was to come

crinkly youth
crinkly youth

harking back to a previous perspective

1st year Art and Philosophy was not so much about developing what we had previously learned, but about letting go of what we had learned entirely and finding our feet in another perspective. The first few weeks were busy and terrifying and bemusing and drunkenly exciting as I searched to comprehend the purpose of it all. It was so new to me….I had no real artistic technical skill, nor any real comprehension of contemporary art; at first this seemed a daunting place to be, but in fact gave rise to an in-between perspective and many important questions that spurred my creative practice into strange realms. It’s interesting to find that even in my 1st year sketchbooks I had made notes about this notion of serendipity and how it intrigued me so. How was I to know then that my inquisitive lack of direction and understanding would lead me serendipitously on a wonderful path I had infact laid out for myself step by stumbling step over 4 years of art school confusion.

The first drawing I ever did in art school (image 1 above) was a timid one of my view from the toilet cubicle in which I was cowering. The tutors were not entirely impressed, as they had expected something a little more expressive and abstract from us potential art philosophers…but I was glad to find this drawings and proud to laugh with it and remember my innocent and misunderstood hatred for contemporary art (which I must admit still arises from time to time). It was this misunderstanding that provoked my refreshed perspective on the importance and possibility of art. I craved an art that would welcome all; a generous and kindly beast, yet wise and tough and full of questions; an art that could have something to say to everyone, even if it was nothing at all but a memory and perhaps a stagnant catalyst.

The next two images were a harking back to previous perspectives of mine, in an attempt to combine my magic brain and my real life brain to find the in-between. I think I spent the next few years of art school considering all that I had learned in that first year…

And so, I spent 4 years swimming in a sea of doubts and came out with less doubts and more questions, but also a mystical backbone that I call serendiptology.


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