Drawing Movement; Atwixt Dance and Art

I am currently in the beginning stages of collaborating with a contemporary dance student from the space in Dundee…she was asked by her tutors to collaborate with someone outside the school and was drawn to my ideas of serendipity and how this could fit into dance.
Through one session working and drawing and dancing together we drew many associations between our ways of working and seeing the world;

Movement is inherent in both practices

The movement of the pencil on paper drawing the line/The movement of the body on space; an invisible line.

The intuition and improvisation inherent in both serendiptology in art and contact improvisation in dance

The personal experience felt by both parties
BUT            I realised with interest; dancers are taught to work together as a team and share their participatory experience in which all dancers are essential whereas artists are trained to work alone and collaboration is extraneous.

I think we could learn alot from each other.
In our first session she asked me to lie on the ground and imagine a pencil in my mind drawing round my whole body focusing on my silhouette. She then asked me to move the lines and push them out, exploring the space around me with the imaginary line in which I was contained. Then, with my finger as a marker I drew line drawings throughout the hall in which we were in and this became a contact improvisation with her doing the same thing. We stood back to back, as one, but each with a separate line, trying to draw what we saw with an imaginary line.

This was an incredible exercise which would be interesting for all artists to explore. With my body as a medium relevant to my practice I was more comfortable in this idea. If she had just asked me to dance I would have felt very awkward and uncomfortable, but in this way I was confident with my movement, projecting the line away from myself, instead of myself as dancer I was still the Artist in which I am comfortable, merely exploring in a different way.

In mid improvisation we gathered pens and paper and began to incorporate real life mark-making into the equation and the drawings said alot to me.






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