Serendipitous Survey of The Three Princes of TH4Y

1) let’s start with a tricky one ~ what’s in your pockets right now?
2) what did you think serendipity was before you thought about it?
3) what do you think it is now?
4) can you send me an image/sketch of what serendipity or a serendiptologist might look like?
5) do you think there is some element of serendipity in your practice?
6) can you share any examples of serendipity in your work/life?
7) what is your favorite colour combinations?
8) would you rather be a sailor, pilot or astronaut?
9) what song usually comes into your head when you were doing a mindless task?
10) what’s your favorite chord?


1. Electrical tape, black, no name
2. A very difficult word that I had never heard of before. I couldn’t pronounce it, spell it or work out what other words it could be related to. Maybe I thought of something religious (toligy) or dip for crisps.
3. I think that Serendipity it is a set of events that by coincidence reveals a way of thinking that you had never thought of before. I think it has something to do with intuitive thought that is being put in to action and materialized before you have time to self censor. In my understand serendipity is the product of lateral thinking.
4. See attached photograph
5. Yes, but I would never pronounce it or state it myself. It is one of these words that are great to use in writing but less useful in a normal conversation. Very few people knows what it means and it will create a weid distance to reality to use it in a conversation. You will always have to explain what you mean by it anyway.
I think you can find serendipity in my practise when I through myself into projects where I don’t know what is gonna come out of it. I think the serendipity acures in my practise when I speak to strangers about what I am working on without them getting what I mean – mainly because I don’t know myself what I mean. Confusion is a great tool to discover new ways of making sense specific problems.
6. Yes. I once translated some recipes of how to cook seagull from Scandinavian languages to english. I used google translate, which gave it a distorted meaning. I left the translation incorrect as it gave a better image of how we perceive eating seagulls; that it is weird and foreign. That was a coincidence and “lucky” in the sense that I liked the result, but almost did not make it myself. I guess you can say that I appropriated it to my liking, but it wasn’t a conscious decision.
7. Yellow and Green
8. A sailor
9. Blank
10. I’m a drummer

1. Three wheels of electrical tape a party horn, 1 meter of rubber tubing, a balloon, a metal reed note I cut out of melodica. all the normal stuff, keys, wallet, ipod. but no phone i lost it.
2. It sounds like it might mean really chilled out or a state of meditation.
3. An unexpected discovery usually come about by a venture of another purpose
4. I think serendipity imposable to escape especially with in the creative process you would have to have the most impractically focused mind to avoid it. I am very serendipitous in the way my brain works and consequently in what i produce as an artist. I think this stems from a lack of concentration.
5. see image 2
6. This piece i am exhibiting here Neptune’s Bubble is a is a really good example of a serendipitous art work. The bubble (the perspex sphere of a street lamp) i find floating in the river arno in florence was an unexpected  discovery and happened to be the perfect object to transform in to a diving suit. I think that good serendipity can produce it own adventure and side tracked become side tracked.
7. brown, blue and pink
8. Astronaut
9. William it was really nothing by the smiths. when im singing to my self i like to be singing to my self
10. OK i play piano but i don’t know the notes very well i just go by sound but ill describe what notes it involves from right to left. the first one is the black one to the right of C the second is the E the third is the black one to the right of F hope that helps
ssssPRINCE 3

1. My phone, and nothing else, which is unusual. Ok, wait, there’s some sawdust and bits of grit in there too.
2. A pure potentiality bifurcating through space and time on a wave of condensed probability.
3. See above
4. See below
5. Yes. Because serendipity is in everything, to the limit of our ability to construct any premeditated action (like this serendipity is fractal). Because no action can be fully comprehended before it unfolds, serendipity always has a crack to sneak in through, in the mismatch between our finite perception and infinite reality. Serendipity is embedded in the fact that the world is concretely bigger than us, and reveals an abundance of new paths at each turn to any traveler who takes the time to look.
6. If all serendipitous occurrences were to be removed from my work/life, I would already have instantaneously ceased to exist and been erased from the cosmic sum of things absolutely. Only that which does not exist is in perfect agreement with what it is, and thus remains untouchable by the excess of reality. On the other hand, if reality is a pure unbounded infinite, all things must necessarily exist, and therefore nothing whatsoever escapes the infinite complication which arises from the turbulent interleafing of the orders of structure which in turn support and dwarf it.
7. Mustard/dark green
rust red/black
blue-green so dark as to be almost black/a pale golden yellow
warm salmon pink/true neutral grey
8. I would rather be a farmer, for I am too afraid of the sea, too scared of the sky, and too terrified by space.
9. Right now I have the chorus of some Belle and Sebastian song I don’t know the title of, though I must admit I have been thinking a bit as well.
10. At the moment I am rather fond of an F#7minor11 with a flattened 5th, but an E7#9 will do.


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