TH4Y:WeH4Y (They Had Four Years) GENERATORprojects

In response to my proposal for TH4Y at GENERATORprojects I, in turn, received a proposal;

We would like to invite yourself, as a Professor of Serendipity, to join us in a discussion about approaching the curatorial framing of the exhibition slightly differently this year. The three selected works have all evolved through a ‘process of making and developing unexpected yet intuitive discoveries’. The serendipity of these acts is however not central to the contextual explorations behind these practises.

We would therefore like to propose for the Professor of Serendipity to write the curatorial text for this show as an artwork in its own right, exploring the process of serendipitious discovery. 

Our initial thoughts were that we felt this may be of interest to yourself as an extension of your own research into Serendiptology through open dialogues with the invited artists but also about posing the starting questions…

‘How do you translate serendipitous process into the presentation of work in a gallery setting?’

‘Can you seredipitiously experience an exhibition? And how does the gallery guide/hand-out/catalogue often stand in the way of this process and therefore, what form would a text/guide focused on discussing the process of seredipitous discovery take?’

We appreciate that this is far from the work that you have proposed to show but we felt it would be an opportunity missed to not propose this possibility to you. If you would like to consider this further then may we suggest a meeting with ourselves to talk this through in person?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

Generator Committee

and she said…


Thank you kindly for your proposal – this was unexpected and very well received. It makes a lot of sense and I am very much in accordance with your judgement.

I look forward to considering this further with you soon. 

I am sincerely glad you value the value of serendiptology. I think this could be a very important process of investigation for the advancement of my field of study. 

Thanks again and bon appetit,
Sent from Eilidh McKay, Professor of Serendiptology

Wishing you a serendipitous day


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