Eilidh McKay – Prof. of Serendiptology

{ Serendipity as the process of making and developing unexpected yet intuitive discoveries; thus, Serendiptology as the reflective attitudinal process of considering and utilising intuitive discoveries in creativity. }



Eilidh McKay – Professor of Serendiptology, investigating the intuitive yet unexpected since 1989; after 4 years of Art, Philsophy and Contemporary Practices at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, Scotland, serendipitizing onwards and upwards, therefore, all of her artworks are stages within the grand search for serendipity.

We follow in the footsteps of The 3 Princes of Serendip and Somebody the Sailor, with Serendiptology at the helm.

Serendipity has received considerable attention within investigative research, yet has arguably been overlooked in terms of artistic practice. The process of artistic creation can be seen as unrestricted, qualitative research equally (if not more) receptive to moments of serendipity. Therefore, in the realm of art, ‘serendipity’ provides an as yet relatively undefined concept to be sculpted within the framework of creativity in order to gain a novel and valuable methodical perspective.

I wish to nurture this field of study in creative practices; to create and perpetuate something inbetween a thought as rigorous as that of science and religion and as frustrating and delightful as that of ambiguity.

word blog; eilidhmac.com

Email; serendiptology.com

Upcoming Exhibitions;

Logie Steading, Forres – June 2013

Cupar Arts Festival ‘Fate Cafe’ – October 2013

One thought on “Eilidh McKay – Prof. of Serendiptology

  1. Hi Eilidh

    I’m making a BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human documentary about serendipity and the digital landscape and would really like to interview you on Monday afternoon if at all possible. I will be interviewing Mel Wood from 11.00am at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

    If you could get in touch via my mobile 07968969414 to dicuss that would be great.

    Look forward to hearing from you



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